Halion Sonic 2 vs Halion Sonic 1


Size of Halion Sonic 2 update from Halion Sonic 1 is about 860 MB (for PC). Isn’t it a little bit small?

If there are some users that upgraded its Halion Sonic 1 to 2, is it worth it, what are we getting for €99?

It says “over 1000 new instruments” at Halion Sonic 2 page. If it is said as opposed to Halion Sonic 1, then I have a concern about the quality of these 1000 sounds for just 860 MB.


Hi cenk,

There is no need to be concerned since the quality is not only depending on the size of the content, but much more on the engine and the sound design. Have a look at the new instruments: There are three new synths with one granular synthesizer that don’t need much sample content. There is B-Box with 900 drum samples that are rather short as a matter of course.
The multi samples are only needed for the Model C organ, the HALiotron and the world instruments. And don’t forget that the download includes compressed samples.

Have a listen to the demo phrases and tracks on the product pages.

Unfortunately, the demo tracks are in very poor sound quality!

So Model C is sample based instead of physically modeled?

If this is true then I’m rather disappointed.

I have just bought today Halion Sonic 2 (Halion Sonic upgrade), and I appreciate the new sounds a lot. The Model C organ, the HALiotron and the world instruments are so great.


just played around with HS2.

the new Synths are awesome!
Good work!

The only new addition i don’t like is the world percussion Module.
Sounds are quite artificial and the programming of the loops is terrible.
This could have been done much better!!


What I have heard of Model C organ (demo tracks) disappointed me a lot.

Also, don’t forget that the original content (i.e. the layers, zones, samples) can be re-used to make completely new sounds. I wouldn’t worry about the # of GB of content. I could sell you 200 GB of content and it might be useless to you. Much of what creates good sounds is the use of envelopes, LFOs, effects, and layering, not just the source or samples.
Between Komplete, Cubase 6.5, and Absolute (now with HS2!) I think I have 158 presets for a pulse bass and about 300 sweeping string pads. They probably take up 500 MB on my hard drive altogether. I would rather have ONE pulse bass and ONE string sweep pad with a good set of user controls for fine tuning the sound.

Hi, can anyone comment on the quality of the sample content in Halion Sonic 2? My only HALion experience is with HalionOne and Halion Sonic SE (the versions that shipped with Cubase), and in those packages the recording and editing of many of the drum samples was very poor (aliasing, noise, tail clipping, etc.)

I understand that this product includes synthesis as well, but I’m curious about the general quality of the sampled stuff. If it’s improved from HalionOne/SE, I’m probably gonna get this.

They sound fine here.