Halion Sonic 2

I have HS is HS2 worth the upgrade? is there enough new content ?

Obviously I may be a little biased :wink:, but I think the new instruments and fx in HALionSonic 2 look and sound beyond anything Steinberg has ever released. Just listen to the new filters and oscillators:

Also the neatly organized folder system in HALionSonic 2 is DEF an improvement.

Also the new B-BOX classic step sequencer is so much fun, and you can just click and drag your beats into the Cubase project window:

Anyways, you should definitely give it a shot. It will not disappoint.

I would agree. If you like working with HS, I think you will find the $99 upgrade worth the money. There are all the new “Instruments” (i.e. libraries) and now, with the User Phrase ability, you can really do a lot.

I think it is worth mentioning, because some may not realize just how powerful they are, that the User Phrase has the ability to use two “Controllers” that step with the phrase. You can use these in so many powerful ways! You can use the controller to switch articulations throughout the phrase, change the sustain pedal, modulate parameters (i.e. an additional step modulator), volume, pan, etc. I am sure there are some uses I haven’t even thought of for it…

Anyway, I hope the information helps.

Oh I just noticed, it has new ethnic sounds, and custom Arps(phrases) , I am sold, just purchased it.