Halion Sonic 3.1 update


I have Halion 6 (from the Absolute 3 package) and updated it to 6.1.
Only thing is Halion SOnic 3 does not update to 3.1 which it should automaticly according the Steinberg website.
When I look at both versions it says Halion 6.1.0 dec. 2017 and in Halion SOnic from jan. 2017.
After this I updated the Halion Sonic 3.1 again, now its own update from the website, but still no luck.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?


Same issue here…anyone have an answer?

No help here either I’m afraid :frowning:
Also not from Steinberg. For over a month ago I asked this question per email, still nothing.

You can uninstall Halion Sonic 3 and apply the update again.

Thanks a lot! that helped, I now have the 3.1 version.
I was afraid to uninstall and losing something of Halion6 or the Library, but everything is still there and works.