Halion Sonic 3.1 upgrade - Dorico compatible?

I received email re. the latest updates for Steinberg software that includes Halion Sonic SE 3.1. Is this upgrade advisable for Dorico users, or should we stick with Halion Sonic SE 1.x which comes with Dorico?

The last thing I need is even MORE playback problems, so I don’t mind waiting on Halion. :frowning:

Again, please search before you post, or at least read down the front page before you post - this was dealt with yesterday!


Excuuuuuusssseee ME, OK?

You have to download the free Halion Sonic SE 3, which can then be updated to 3.1.

Halion Sonic SE 3 has a better preset browser and fixes several bugs that can affect the sound of the instruments. When installed, it completely replaces the Halion Sonic SE 2 that’s included with Dorico.

Romantique Tp,

Thanks for that. Where does one check to see which version of Halion Sonic SE is installed… on a Mac, please?

Is it a real advantage; would it - by any chance - help with this; from what Daniel says there, I suspect not?

Open Halion Sonic SE and click the logo to the top left. Halion Sonic SE 3 only improves on the plugin’s functionality, there are no new sounds.

Thanks; sorry to be dense: where exactly do I find Halion SE to open; from within Dorico?

It’s not in my Applications directory…

Yes, if you open the Halion SE window from within Play mode and hold the cursor over the Halion Sonic SE logo in the top left, you should get a message saying “open about box” or words to that effect. Clicking on the logo then opens an information box about Halion Sonic SE and the version of the plugin is indicated towards the bottom of the box.

Be aware before you update that doing so is likely to mean that your project cannot be opened by someone running HALion Sonic SE 2. If your workflow involves sending files to other users then I would advise holding off on updating it.

Actually, the project can be opened up OK, but it won’t load any sounds: the data saved by HSSE2 can be loaded by HSSE3 with no trouble, but not vice versa. You will need to use Play > Apply Default Playback Template after receiving a file that was saved using HSSE3.

Thanks, all. Mine is SE 2. I’ll hold off :slight_smile: