Halion Sonic 3: After Update from 3 to 3.1 buttons to the left of the Quik Control disappeared

Hello everyone,
I performed the update of Halion Sonic 3 to version 3.1 and I realized that I can not find the buttons that were on the left of Quick Control. :confused: :confused: :confused:
I attach missing buttons photos.
If I return to version 3 the buttons reappear. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Is it a Bug or am I not seeing them?
Thank you and regards from italy.
Quick Control.PNG

Hi Renato,
the buttons are still there but the view can be disabled. Goto the โ€œOptionsโ€ page and check โ€œShow Layer QCโ€ in the Global section and they will reappear. (see attachment below)
Layer QC.png

Thank you! I thought it was a problem but instead I was wrong!
Greetings from Italy