Halion Sonic 3: After Update from 3 to 3.1 buttons to the left of the Quik Control disappeared

Hello everyone,
I performed the update of Halion Sonic 3 to version 3.1 and I realized that I can not find the buttons that were on the left of Quick Control. :confused: :confused: :confused:
I attach missing buttons photos.
If I return to version 3 the buttons reappear. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Is it a Bug or am I not seeing them?
Thank you and regards from italy.
Quick Control.PNG

Hi Renato,
the buttons are still there but the view can be disabled. Goto the “Options” page and check “Show Layer QC” in the Global section and they will reappear. (see attachment below)
Layer QC.png

Thank you! I thought it was a problem but instead I was wrong!
Greetings from Italy