Halion sonic 3 and halion sonic 3 se

I have Dorico 4 elements and Halion sonic 3 se I also have Halion sonic 3.
Now my question is can I transfer Halion sonic 3 the content to Halion sonic 3 se so that I can use those instruments there.
And if so, how to install it.
Everyone says this and the other says that.
Don’t come out on your own

It depends on the content and how it is saved.
Only with the big/normal HALion version you can create new content and during saving new content files you can specify which HALion derivate can read and play that content. So if the HSSE flag is set during saving, also HSSE can read and playback that content. If the compatibility flag is not set, well, then HSSE can not play it. Now, all the content that comes with Dorico has that flag set.
If the HALion Sonic content is compatible, I don’t know, you have to try out yourself. All HALion (also Sonic and SE) content gets installed at the same location, so every version can at least “see” everything.