Halion Sonic 3 compatibility and licensing


I’m interested in buying Halion Sonic 3, but I’m not a cubase user. Can you just use Halion Sonic 3 in another DAW without issues?
Secondly I was wondering how the licensing works. I think I read that you don’t need the steinberg usb licenser for it which is good for me because it would be my only steinberg plugin. But do you get one license, or more? And if it’s one is it easily switchable. Because I work on a desktop and laptop and need to be able to have the plugin available on both.


For me I’ve purchased Cubase Element 9.5 and Absolute 3.

I had to buy a dongle (extra 30-40 dollars).

The Cubase license, after I payed, can be downloaded onto my computer. It can be transferred to dongle once but not reversely back.

The Absolute license had to be downloaded to a dongle, without a computer option.

Hope this helps.