Halion Sonic 3 crashing in stand-alone mode, again

Hello, sorry for being persistent, but after 6 weeks from my previous questions there was no reply, and neither from the Steinberg support, even after two reminders. I thought Steinberg was a serious company. I am getting desperate.
Once again:
(1) iMac 27" with Sierra and Roland V-Combo VR-09 & additional midi controller Roland A49: keys work fine, notes from the upper and lower keyboard (channels 3 and 4) distinguished and can be routed to separate VST instruments. However, if I touch any command (buttons, drawbars, pedals, etc.) that issues a SysExc message the HS3 crashes (not in the case of CC messages). I have the full crash report from the iMac but have only appended the beginning.
(2) When using HS3 from within Cubase 8.5 pro it does not crash. However, the notes from the keyboards are all recognised as coming from the same channel 1 and can thus not be routed to different instruments. What is different to the stand-alone use?

Many thanks in advance, Matjaz

Agree with the issue - experiencing the same with trial of Halion 6 & HS3… standalone crashes consistently on my machine, which ran Halion Sonic 2 perfectly :exclamation:

OS - Window 8.1 64bit