Halion Sonic 3 & Cubase

I’ve just started using Halion Sonic 3 and come across a querk with saving.

If you add HS3 to a project, then save, when you exit it asks if you want to save the Cubase project.

Is there a reason for this behaviour or is it a bug?

If you take the HS3 instrument out of the project, save and then exit, it does not prompt you to save again. Adding in the HS3 again, saving and clicking to exit then shows this as reproducable.

HS 3.0.1 issued today. Contains fixes but not for what you thought was one.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks. The problem is still there.

I find the asking for saving unpredictable even without HS3 (I don’t have it). But my thought is, better ask to much then to little.

If that asking is by design, fine. But it only does this, for me at least, with HS3 and no other virtual instrument plug in. It’s very odd behaviour.

If it is caused by a plugin it is at least not limited to HS.

not limited?

I mean other plugins or circumstances cause it too.

I see. I’ve never had that myself until HS3. Other than when there hasn’t been a save since changes.

I had it always, very unpredictable. I am always surprised when I don’t get asked :wink: Maybe some plugins always report unsaved changes.

We’re singing off the same sheet here, yea? I’m talking about after I have done a save in the daw.