Halion Sonic 3 disappears on startup

I had to do an upgrade on my C:/ drive.
I completely uninstalled HS3.0.0 -Full, update3.1.0 (Application_Installer & Content_Update_Installer) & the Steinberg Download Assistant 1.9.0 Installer. Then Re-Installed everything with no problems.
When I click on the Halion startup icon, the Halion window appears for several seconds and then just disappears.
There is nothing in the Event Viewer. Nothing in the %appdata/Local/CrashDumps.
Is there any other place I might look to try to find out what is happening?
Also, are there specific Services that Halion Sonic 3 uses? I stopped some services that I found in a video that is supposed to help with performance.
Not only that… but when I tried to log onto Cubase 8 Pro, the same situation happened… Cubase was loading VSTs and then all of a sudden
the screen disappeared… I uninstalled Halion and at least Cubase is running again. Would appreciate any help on this. Thx