Halion Sonic 3 for Mac VST2?


Whether is there some rumours about Halion Sonic 3/Halion 6 VST2 for mac in future? Digital Perfomer don’t support VST3, neither Reason :frowning:


Hi Rain,

there is no VST2 for Mac, but you can use the AU version.

I have VST 3 (Cubase 9.0.2) but my Gui for HS3 does not have the recorder icons at the top, nor can I open Raven, see it load. I have to click on the
“Hexagon” or whatever that sound is in slot one, which opens another window…That is where Raven …or another selected instrument can be played, and presets chosen. Why won’t it work in one window for me? Is this another Mac Issue? Also, no GUI of the instrument appears when clicked the “Edit” link.