Halion Sonic 3 missing library but not usual

sorry in advance for my english. I have some problem about missing library in HS3, but not the usual problem that i have fount in many forum, with the message “missing library” or “missing audio”.
Itried to upload snapshots but i cannot. (Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.)
As u cannot see by images, i have some red circles in the sound list. All i’ve done i moved the files in D:\ and the library manager see correctly the new destination.
Also Raven piano is correctly in the carpet, and the 3gb file is in there.
Of course i have reinstalled all, restart pc, i have also create shortcuts in C:\user\etc etc but the problem is not solved. Any idea? Thanks all![halion3|581x500]

Have you tried the “Rescan Disk” button in HS3?

First of all, thanks!

i have tried it, some sounds appears, but most are missing.
Cub 10 pro say i have a lot of VST missing, but i have reinstalled HS3 from zero. How is possible?
What Cub says is true, for ex searching manually some VST that he said missing, i cannot find.
Then, they are really missing
Miss all the pianos, raven and eagle, hotbrass, strings… hu hu hu

Maybe try to re-install those libraries via the Steinberg Download Assistant?

I 've tried several times but i will do again.