Halion Sonic 3 - resets level,pan and FX settings after pressing Memory Registration buttons on HW synth

Hi there,

Every time I press any of the 5 memory registration buttons of my Clavinova CVP-79A, Halion Sonic 3 resets the initial settings of level, pan and FX1/2/3/4 (which are located under the ‘MIX’ tab) for each slot…

The only way I can stop HS from resetting the values is by changing the setting of MIDI FILTER CONTROL of my Clavinova CVP-79A from ‘send & receive’ to ‘off’, which in return ‘detaches’ my left pedal…

How can I get HS to defy the commands of the registration buttons of my synth and yet keep the soft pedal fully functional?


The issue was resolved by the installation of HALion Sonic 3.2.15 update.