Halion Sonic 3 SE - Upgrade and Symphonic Orchestra?

Greetings everyone!

I am a bit hesitant to purchase the currently discounted products, because I want to make sure they will work flawlessly.
There seems to be a lot of discrepancy between what is actually usable and doable in “Halion Sonic 3” and “Halion Sonic 3 SE”. Sometimes they are used interchangeably, other times not. Sadly, support articles and knowledgebase isn’t exactly helping out either, and considering the ticket response times, I maybe get an answer when the discount is already gone.

1.) Will the “Halion Symphonic Orchestra” work with the SE 3 Version of Halion? As per this information it should, but I rather make sure of it. The issue here is… the referred article is for the Iconica library, nothing similar was to be found for the Halion Symphonic Orchestra. The product is also strangely absent from the Steinberg Download Manager, so I’m also not quite sure what is going on here.

2.) Is the Sonic SE 3 edition eligible for the upgrade path towards Halion 6 ? Or is that only for the “real” Sonic 3 ?
Considering that SE 3 is part of Cubase 9.5 (which I own and use), there is no license key for it specifically on my USB dongle, so that’s another doubt which caters to “no, won’t be possible.” Still, I’m asking if Sonic SE 3 can get the Upgrade to Halion 6.

I have no experience with refunds in regards to Steinberg products, which is also why I did not just buy those two out of the blue to see what happens.

Thanks in advance to anyone having the time and knowledge to answer to my inquiry, have a good day :slight_smile:

  • Khunvyel


  1. Yes it works with Halion Sonic SE3.
  2. No you can’t upgrade from SE version of Halion.

You can get trials for both: https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/steinberg_trial_versions.html

Thank you for the information, purchases done accordingly :slight_smile: