Halion Sonic 3 - "Some Audio Files are Missing. Please check installation"

Halion Sonic 3 users! I’ve recently upgraded my Recording Workstation hardware and needed to reinstall my O/S and Recording Applications.

Since the upgrade, when opening past projects in Cubase I’m receiving a Halion Sonic popup window which states “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation”. From what I can see the Standalone and DAW (Cubase) versions of Halion Sonic 3 loads and operates fine, other than the apparently missing files.

So far the unavailable ones I can find in previous projects are “Piano Elegy” and “Solo Viola” (I can find one similar called “Viola Solo”), but there could be more that are missing I am unaware of as I am not well versed in the Halion presets…

Please install Cubase using the full installer, which can be downloaded from your MySteinberg.

Have the same problem, reinstalled Cubase 9 and it did not fix it. A lot of sounds are missing.
First image is my HS3, second I guess the way it should be.
Please help.