Halion Sonic 3 tutorials?

i have found 2 tutorial videos on Youtube. All the other videos I see are for Halion Sonic SE 3.
Are there any tutorials out there for the non SE version.
Unless the only difference is that the SE version has less instrument ?

I do believe the only difference is that the full version of HALion Sonic does indeed have a lot of built-in instruments that aren’t included with SE. The two plugins function identically otherwise. (Doesn’t mean a HALion Sonic 3 tutorial would be pointless, as some of the extra built-in instruments have their own unique features and workflow that are worth describing, although though there is some info about each of them in the user guide.)

HALion 6 on the other hand, is a much more complicated program.

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yes! i see Dom Whats-his-name has 2 videos where he demonstrates a few of the Sonic 3 libraries. I have been using the free version for like 5 years and there is so much to the full version !
i normally like to view some videos before i tackle the actual manual

Can absolutely recommend Halio Sonic 3.

I.m.o. it is unterrepresented in music production videos. The sound quality, diversity, the included sample-based instruments plus great synths and the full integration in the media bay sorting possibilities of cubase really are worth it…

i know. i’ve a poo load of synth VSTs and each one has strengths in a particular genre.
halion hits a home run on many levels…. it has incredible patches from Classical, to EDM and Cinema ! all in one synth !! i’ve been using the free version for over 5 years!
and version 3 (full)just blew me away. i was afraid to spend the $400 (cdn)…… but i used to pay $1000 for synths with a fraction of the sound quality.
and the Flex !!! I might even not use my Scalar2 plugin as much.
i’m auditioning all the sounds now and with allbrhe libraries to to through , i might get back to composing in 6 months or so, lol