Halion Sonic 3 (VST3) cannot load in my Cubase 9/10

Hi All,

I can no longer load my Halion Sonic 3 (latest version) as a VST3 in Cubase 9.5 or latest Cubase 10 Pro.

  1. I can run HS3 as a Stand alone - no problem.

  2. The HS3 is not in the Cubase black list, I can see it in the VST3 list, but when I select it, then Cubase 9.5 or Cubse 10 freezes and does not load the HS3. I have to “End task” - to force quit Cubase.

  3. This issue happened lately. Previously I could load HS3 in Cubase without a problem.

  4. I use Windows 10 (updated).

  5. I have installed some 3rd party VST plugins lately but I cannot see a reason to block HS3.

  6. My E-licenser is updated and I ran its “Maintenance” utility, but this does not fix the issue.

Does anybody here has an idea what can be the reason about the problem?