Halion Sonic 7.0.20 missing programs

I have Halion Sonic 7.0.20 but virtually no programs, I see them all in the library Manager, and in the VST folder


Could you attach a screenshot from the Steinberg Library Manager to see the libraries, please?

Hi Martin, Youve helped me before.

Hi Martin, the only program showing in Halion Sonic is the Modern 80s Kit


The Steinberg Library Manager looks OK. Do you have any filter setup in the HALion’s browser (MediaBay) by mistake?

Where are the filters I have Clicked and can’t see any

is this shot any use to you

Hi Martin, any idea as to what’s happening? Cheers cNick


What happens, if you click the ALL Programs, please?

Hi Martin
Did You Mean Clicking on All
This is the screenshot I get when I click on All

Hi Martin, If I Click in the slot above the drum map in the inspector for the Halion I get all the programs. if this Info is any Use

Hi Martin, any idea as to the problem?


This seams to be correct. Now you can see much more programs.

Here I can see the Drums&Perc filter.

Yes but that’s the only set of programs that I have to select from, but as you can see over in the inspector panel it looks as though every program is available, how do I get them back into the Halion alongside the drum an Perc?

Hi Martin, Have you any idea as to what I can do next to clear this Problem, what with 13 out now I really want to clear this up, Hope you can help


I’m sorry, I’m running out of ideas…

Have you tried to click the Reset Filters button?

HiMartin, Where are the filter reset buttons?
Is there anybody in the Tech department that can assist?


The button looks like this: |<<.

You can rise support ticket via your MyStinberg account or make the call.

Hi Martin I have clicked the reset and the arrows still the same Im thinking of upgrading to 13 but will it all return or will I be in the same boat. Im really at a loss


I’m afraid this has nothing to do with Cubase. There is something wrong with the library.

Could you try to reset HALion Sonic preferences? Quit Cubase. Delete the whole preferences folder.
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/HALion Sonic
Win: %appData% Steinberg/HALion Sonic_64