Halion Sonic 7 freezing

Unable to load Halion Sonic 7, standalone or within Cubase. I see the Mac spinning wheel and have to Force Quit.

Installed Halion Sonic SE3 and it loads OK as a standalone. I haven’t been able to load it in Cubase, though.

So frustrating, I even tried in Windows 10, same result. Please help!

Problem solved.

In Windows 10, I reinstalled Halion Sonic 7, everything works fine.

On my Mac, I removed Halion Sonic 7 using the uninstaller and kept Halion Sonic 3 and SE3, with no problem whatsoever. No more crashes.

For Mac Solution is simple:

What mac version is that? I don’t have a UI that looks like that on my ventura system.

MONTEREY 12.7.1 ( Dark Mode) on Mac Pro (Trashcan/ late 2013) 3 Ghz 8 Core 64 Gb RAM