Halion Sonic 7 midi input selection

I noticed that Halion Sonic 7 midi input device choice is either choose all or only one at a time. Did I miss something? I use multiple input sources including main keyboard, another small keyboard for key changes, a midi controller for CC inputs and a breath controller. How can I use all this while not using select-all option. If I do select all, some device that is connected for some other reason constantly send midi signals, and the midi input signal on Halion blinks constantly that annoys. I need to individually turn midi devices on and off. Can I do that?

You can include & exclude which MIDI Ports are in All MIDI Ports. In the MIDI Port Setup just uncheck the devices you don’t want.

I do not have the choice to include or exclude. Where do you see that choice? Thank you.

Is it from Halion full version or Halion Sonic? I do not see Studio Setup page in Halion Sonic 7.

It’s not in Halion at all. It’s the MIDI setup for Cubase. The MIDI Inputs you have available for Halion (and all the other VSTi’s) are determined by Cubase.