HALion Sonic 7 missing library

I’ve installed both HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7 because sometimes, for quick jobs, I’d prefer to use HALion Sonic over HALion (easier on the eye IMO).
But in HALion 7 I see the “HAL Factory” libray (270 sounds), that instead is missing in HALion Sonic 7. In Steinberg Library Manager the library is correctly registered (HALion 4 Factory Content). Is that normal?

Bump. Any way to load the 270 “HAL Factory" sounds in HALion Sonic 7?

These presets are exclusive to the full version of Halion and don’t work in Halion Sonic. Some of these presets simply wouldn’t be able to be loaded by Halion Sonic because of their structure. For example, several presets use more than four top “Layers”, which is the maximum allowed by HS.

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Thank you!