Halion sonic 7 'no license found' for most of insturments

Hi all,
I’m trying my best to get Halion Sonic 7 but I only get a few instruments.
As per previous comments, I followed everything. In the end, I removed all
Cubase-related file and reinstalled but same symptom.

My situation is;
I have Halion sonic 7 activation in ‘Steinberg activation manager’.
and I can see all items are regiested in library manager.
But [GM~] instruments are available in Cubase. the others are all blocked by
no license.

Do you have advice to fix this problem?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, did you install only the content from the HALion Sonic 7 folder within the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Do you have the latest HALion Sonic 7 update installed?

Are you sure, you have the dedicated HALion Sonic 7 license (not the HALion Sonic SE, which is part of the Cubase license), please?


Thanks for your reply.

  1. Yes, I downloaded below 2 things, one is player the other one is source.

  2. I think it’s the latest one ending with .20?

  3. Yes, I think I have Halion sonic 7 activation?


That looks correct. Could you attach the Steinberg Library Manager screenshot, please?

Here is the Library snapshot.


Can you click any Details button, to see the path of the library, please? Is it valid path?

here it is


This seams to be a valid path.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas, can you raise a support thicket, please?

How can I raise a ticket?


From your MySteinberg account.

ah, ok.
Thanks for the comments!

I have the exact same problem.