Halion Sonic 7 - Sandbox enable?

Dear Devs

I use Halion Sonic 3 ( and the SE version ) in another host app as an AU plugin ( on a Mac ). Works great.

However this host app blocks Halion Sonic 7 which is a shame. The host developer says it is because Halion Sonic 7 isn’t flagged for “Sandbox Enable” .

Any chance it could be… like its predecessor Halion Sonic 3?

Thanks !

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Thanks for the hint, I need to verify as it should have been enabled. What host where you using? Just so that I can reproduce.

HI Phillippe

Thanks for the response!

It is Wotja 23 ( by Intermorphic Wotja® FREE Software for Ambient Generative Music & MIDI )

I’m on an M1 MacBook Pro running OS 13. latest

Thanks for your help