Halion Sonic 7 upgrade after 12.0.60

I just downloaded 29gb of content for Halion 7 after the most recent update, but couldn’t use any of of it because it was inaccessible. Why make people download stuff they don’t have a license for? Content that isn’t available should be greyed out.

nobody makes you download that stuff, do they? the only automatic download for me is the e-licenser The download assistant still needs work, but Cubase and Halion will appear under the category “your products” if you have a license. All the products you own won’t appear there as there are lots of work to be done on many products and their copy protections. The stuff you don’t own I guess is available for demo etc etc.

You have my support!
At a certain point ( I have Absolute 6, Iconica Opus, The grand and some small libraries) it becomes unclear for what you actually have as license.
Furthermore I don’t like the fact that some VST or plug-ins are available in different sections and that the SDA re-downloads stuff that already is saved in the download folder.

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Yes indeed, but some others don’t appear there (e.g. Iconica Opus)
So I support the OP and the SDA can (should) be made smarter …

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They can hardly make users smarter, so I agree. I have to admit that I installed something from there that I can’t use and I humbly had to uninstall.

Same experience …
I found out the easiest way is using the using the Steinberg Library Manager for this (There is an option to de-register stuff)

Well, you got me thinking.
The scenario could be that the license is on a dongle or the download is on a machine that ‘currently’ has no activated license.
But it could be an improvement should the SDA give an indication of the presence of a license upon considering a download.

You must have gone into a product you don’t own for that to occur? As there’s no 29GB download within the Cubase section.

I own Cubase 12 Pro and Halion is part of Cubase. I don’t own every library - just the basics, but in order to get those basics, you have to download the entire bundle. Also, how am I supposed to know what I get and what I don’t? Maybe Halion 7 came with new instruments. But like I said, in order to figure any of that out, you have to download the entire 30gb.

I downloaded Halion7, but didn’t download any content, and it worked just fine with the content I had on my disk from the previous Halion SE installation.

Is the Halion7 content any different? Am I missing out on something?

You own everything that is in the Cubase 12 Pro tab.

Halion is not included with Cubase, nor does it display in the Cubase tab of the SDA, so you don’t own own it, sorry.

Halion Sonic is what you have access to.

The product name is “Halion Sonic”. “Halion” is the flagship sampler/content creation tool, and is not included in Cubase. If you are actually able to run that program, you must have a license for it.
I presume though that it’s Halion Sonic you’re running instead.

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Halion Sonic SE and Halion Sonic 7 are part of Cubase. Halion 7 isn’t a part of Cubase Pro

Right, I should have been more precise with my language. I downloaded Halion Sonic 7, and I’m wondering:

Does the “Halion Sonic 7” content differ in any way from the content I already have installed that came with the previous version of the free Halion (I believe it was Halion SE 3)?

I have also repeatedly faced this same problem and would strongly prefer that the Download Assistant indicate whether the download is licensed, or not, before downloading.

Licensed products do not always appear under “your products” by the way. Some do, some they don’t.

Due to the nature of bundling and marketing, it is not clear what is licensed and not licensed when purchasing some products* and the Downloader is the initial tool with which to sort out the customer confusion (the confusion which should not exist to begin with).

(* other companies, for example Spitfire, are much worse at this sneaky marketing-bundling practice)

Halion Sonic SE did not include content. Probably you are referring to content that’s included with the Cubase license.

Yes, that’s what I mean. So, is that content identical to the Halion Sonic 7 Content from the screen shot I posted?

No. There’s a ton more that is included. Nothing is included with Halion Sonic 7 per se. But they offer some free stuff. It’s listed on the Halion Sonic 7 product web page. I do not know what is in the archive you asked about, tbh.

The content is dictated by the Cubase Version you own. So the question would have to be about whether the content is the same as your previous Cubase version.

The lists in the SDA show this info. You don’t have to use it for downloading (I see you posted a screengrab from the website)

You don’t lose any content by using Halion Sonic 7. But I don’t work for SB, and can’t speak authoritatively. I have looked at the SDA lists and drew this conclusion.

Just to settle this, I downloaded the HALion Sonic 7 content from my screenshot earlier in the thread,. It’s an .ISO file with a bunch of .vstpreset files inside of it, and I double-clicked on every single .vstpreset file to make sure I get the latest content.

For every single one, I got the following message from Steinberg Library Manager:

So, there wasn’t any new factory content posted along with the HALion Sonic 7 release that wasn’t already available with the previous release of HALion Sonic 7.