Halion Sonic and SE license?

I downloaded Dorico trial version with Halion Sonic and Halion SE.
Finally I bought Dorico and I activated it with no trouble.
When I run the program, it says “some content could not be loades. Either, licenses are missing, or trial licenses have expired”

In my e-Licenser control center I don’t see Halion Sonic nor Halion SE

After opening Dorico, I can use Halion, although I don’t know if all the features.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Unfortunately, the Dorico license only covers HALion Sonic SE 2 and HALion Symphonic Orchestra. The HALion Sonic 3 library cannot be used with a Dorico license.

Your Dorico license works as your Halion Sonic SE license, you wont see the licenses separately and you just have to install HS SE to use it, nothing else. HS SE uses mostly different, older sounds compared to the full version of Halion Sonic.

To activate your Halion Sonic 3 trial, check the email where you downloaded it from. You’ll find your trial activation code there.

Well, I downloaded these packs, I didn’t do it with Halio Sonic 3 ¿¿??
So, I don’t have a trial activation code for it.
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The picture in your first post shows content exclusive to the full version of Halion Sonic. That means that you did install the trial at some point.