Halion Sonic - anyone got it working?

I think I would like to buy Halion Sonic if only I could try it out. I’ve never got SE or the HS trial version to work reliably. Main problem is no sound is output: everything seems to be working, mapped Main in the HS editor “Mix” tab thru to the F11 instrument assignment (and the output lane). The level meters react correctly.
Sometimes, with all gain turned up, there is a quiet clicking sound, which seems to be tonal - i.e., a higher key produces a higher click.
All other VST instrument are working fine.

Today, I was playing with the trial version, and loaded “Multi” sets - and wonder of wonders - they produce sound output but only if played via the HS built-in keyboard - and if I assign a midi controller, not only does it not work, the built-in keyboard wont work again after that (although the keys of the built-in keyboard reflect the midi in).

This is a fresh install of Cubase 6.0.5 onto a brand-new Windows 7 box.

Any ideas before I give up on the instrument?

Hi spaceface,


  • which Midi- Input/Driver and Port do you use?

Hi Marcus, I’m routing the midi in from an M-Audio delta card - works fine with other instruments

  1. Activate the Audio- Outputs of the HALion Sonic in the VST Instrument Bay.
    It is the small

  2. Now activate the monitoring on the Midi- tracks in Cubase.

  3. Slot 1 needs to be triggered by Midi- Channel 1, Slot 2 from Midi- Channel 2 etc.

    If you now hit some keys on your Midi- Keyboard you will hear sound.

Thanks for the hints, Marcus, but I’m pretty sure the outputs are all mapped correctly:
This is what happens:

  • Start with an empty project, F11: add Halion Sonic (don’t create track)
  • Press keys on the HS built-in keyboard: works perfectly, sound and level-bars move
  • Add track (default midi 1) and map to HS
  • Press keys on attached midi controller: no sound and level-bars in HS only move a small amount
  • Press keys on the HS built-in keyboard - no sound anymore (same as controller)


I presume, that your external Midikeyboard has some Midi- controllers as well?

  • Please take a look if the Main Volume or the Preset Volume is lowered when you use it.

you can send an email with one of these project files to info@steinberg.de

I will take a look onto it.