halion sonic - bangkok beat

Is there someone to load in his halion this sound:
“bangkok beat”

My problem is that I tried it, and I can’t find why It became and stayed absolutely full of noise. Even on a new project.
Same problem with the another hybrid beat : “machine beat” in halion too.

Thank you for any help.

i dont know what u hear in your system,but those presets sound to me “noisy” Beats by design as part of the beat sound !

Hello Mozizo,
Thank for your reply. I was out of internet for a week…
What you hearing seems to be the same problem as mine. Normally on my another (old computer without any extra vst) the sound is really good without any noise and a beat very loud. I have save strange noise with lot’s of “hybrid” and “trip” sound from hallion
I will ask stein berg on the subject and keep you inform.
Best regards

Sorry, it was my mistake. Confused with the other control. I just though that everything start from zero when I select a preset halion.