Hi Any- and Everybody…

:question: Could you assist me plz?

:exclamation: I cannot find the “programs”/presets I just created.

I recently had a virus on my computer and reinstalled “everything”.

:arrow_right: From the GUI I can see only the older presets I created, but not the new one’s.
However, the new ones are located with the older ones on my D-drive/Documents/VST Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/…/Program/…

:angry: Furthermore, according to the manual I can import Programs/presets by dragging and dropping them to the Load Page. That Doesn’t seem to work either.

Your time and assistance is appreciated…


PS: I have a PC with Vista 32/64 and I have installed the latest HS update 1.6

Hi Captain Nemo,

please copy the presets from your D- drive to the system drive C.

Path should be identical, only on C- drive:

…\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion Sonic

In order to use Drag-and-Drop properly you will have to lower the security level of your Windows UAC (User Account Control Settings).
You can find this in your Windows Control Panel/ User Account/Change User Account Control settings ( in Win7 but if I remember correctly the same location in Vista)
Just move the slider to the lowest level.

:exclamation: Thank you Marcus for your reply.

:arrow_right: However, my Halion Sonic presets have always (before I formatted my drives due to virus) been on my D-drive - with no problem.

:question: Now, with the new installation, when I create new presets it cannot be selected/seen in HS!

I do prefer my presets on the D-drive, however if I cannot find a solution, i"ll do as you advised.

:sunglasses: The “Drag and Drop” issue has been resolved!

:exclamation: :arrow_right: However, the “MAIN problem” still persists, but it seems that it is only on the 32-bit version of HS, not on the 64-bit. (I prefer using the 32-bit DAW on my 64-bit Vista, due to Reason Rewire restriction).

:question: :bulb: The only thing I can think, as a layman, is that maybe it’s corrupted or there is a “clash of files”: After my recent re-instalation of Cubase (because of the virus) I copied almost all “backed-up” files from my infected C-drive to the same location on my new C-drive: \Users…\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg. I now noticed there is a Halion Sonic folder with various files contained it. So, I effectively copied older files/settings onto the new installation’s - including HS’s!