Halion Sonic causing C6 to lock up creating instrument chan

I just purchased Sonic a couple of weeks ago and used it on one song. Now i cannot get it to function without crashing the program. This just started happening. I have tried in 2 projects that are small, 6 to 8 audio tracks. When i try to create an instrument channel with Halion Sonic the system locks up and becomes unresponsive. I have to ctrl/alt/del out. I am running XP Pro, Intel I7 processor with 8g of ram. no other issues the performance meter is barely @ 10.

I need to finish both projects as i am in the process of relocating my studio and can’t move till they are complete and i am running out of time. Any help ASAP is greatly appreciated



Please notice that Halion Sonic does not support Windows XP officialy. Please also notice that Windows XP does not utuilize 8 Gb RAM.

I do not know what kind of plugins are allready loaded in your project, but is it possible that you are running out of RAM ? You can use at the most 1,4 GB - 1,6 GB on a Windows XP machine.



I understand all that. My problem is Halion Sonic did work when i first loaded it. I have been running C6 since it came out in January, on XP pro with 4 gig of ram recording @ 96k, 3 UAD 2 cards…Also I had no problems at all running HALION Sonic SE until the authorization ran out…

I have been a faithful cubase user since VST32 and Steinberg tech support basically is saying we can’t help you till you upgrade to Win 7. I have Win7 64 bit on another partition, I am trying to finish two commercial projects and am not about to switch in midstream.

My question is why would it work and now not work, can someone explain that? and how many people out there are running XP Pro?

Do you have any specific reason to run HS in an instrument channel instead of the instrument rack?
And what happens when you run it in the instrument rack, does it lock up your system too?

It should run fine on XP pro. Before I switched to Win7, I ran HS with CB6 on XP without trouble.