halion sonic content 2 e licenser error


Just to notify.
I am using the main machine with the normal dongle, win 10 latest version.

Today i encountered a license error that wasn’t corrected by the e-licenser and the behaviour was odd to say the least.
I am using halion sonic 3, halion 6, halion sonic 3SE on a regular basis for the past year or months.
I am using halion and cubase for many years now, so i know what i am doing and how to handle things.

I was able to correct it by reinstalling the license that was initially given to me by mail !!
This should not happen i think, since a license can only be used once.
But actually i noticed that the halion sonic se3 license had vanished from my dongle ??
So that was the reason for my try to reinitialize the license.
But i swear It was on the dongle for months…
How can this happen ?

So no prob for me since i was able to recover quickly, but when this kind of things happen that is very confusing and very dangerous for staging conditions.
So, FWIW, a notice to the guys at SB.

kind regards,