HALion Sonic Content cannot be loaded

Each time I start up Cubase 12 Pro I get the following message: Some content could not be loaded. Either, licences are missing or time-limited licenses have expired: HALion Sonic Content. Find out more on how to activate your time-limited licenses permanantly or remove expired licenses.

This is very anaoying. Can anyone help me out here? See also my included print-screen.

Thanks in advance!
Schermafbeelding 2024-02-06 152014

Hi and welcome to the forum,

How does or look like in the Steinberg Library Manager?

Did you download and install all the content, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply!

I guess I made some mistakes by downloading too much programms in download manager. After I did that I got a lot of messages of missing files. So I used Steinberg Library Manager to remove a lot of stuff (maybe I removed too much?). For now I don’t know if all content is correct downloaded. I did not use the library manager to do so but the download manager of Steinberg. Can I send some screen shots so you can help me out?

BR. Olaf


In the Steinberg Library Manager, open Cubase Pro 12. All content, you find there, is part of Cubase Pro 12 license, so you can download and install it.

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Do you mean the library manager or the download assistant?


Sorry, I was wrong. I mean Steinberg Download Assistant. Thank you for correcting me.