Halion Sonic crashing Ableton Live 9


I’ve been using Halion Sonic for years with Ableton Live 8, without issues.

Today i’ve upgraded to Ableton Live 9 and i can’t open 2 projects without Ableton Live crashing. It can open the first project, but as soon as i try to open another project (both using Halion Sonic), Live crashes. When i reopen, it says Halion Sonic caused the crash. Basically i only can open a new project if i close live and reopen it.

Is anyone more having this problem ?

Well, it seems Halion Sonic can’t run in Live 9 at the moment. I’m in contact with an Ableton support guy, tried a lot of workarounds, no lucky.

Too bad because this workstation is heavy used for me and i will be stucked in Live 8 until the problem is solved ; in Live 8 everything runs fine.