Halion Sonic Doesn't Show the sample and plugin libraries (including Verve)

After an update to the latest Cubase version, I found that there is no Halion Sonic SE no more, just the Halion Sonic; they have changerd how libraries work, and on the second launch every single library does not appear - there is literally nothing appears in Halion presets (Just “All” and “User presets (a.k.a custom, self-made presets)” tabs).

I have tried to uninstall & install (reinstall in more complicated way), reinstall of all plugins, additions and of halion sonic itself.

Standalone plugin doesn’t show them either. Also, in Steinberg manager everything seems to be installed.

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

Which Manager?
There is a Steinberg Library Manager available, start it once and make sure everything is there.
This should set the system path to the libraries.