Halion Sonic dropping volume

Why is this a recurring thing, where I have to hit MIDI reset just to get Halion Sonic to play back sounds at the normal level?

This doesn’t seem to happen with 3rd party samplers. Hmm…

Audio just drops down by like 20dB, and the only fix is MIDI reset… and this can happen multiple times with the same minute. It usually happens while I’ve got the track selected.


Are you sure you don’t send MIDI CC7 or MIDI CC11 message?

No, but that clued me into thinking that maybe a controller of mine just is doing it at random. Changing the midi input to none seems to have made the problem go away.
Thanks Martin.

I wonder if this little mystery happens to others.


As far as I know, sometimes there is a user with random MIDI CCs coming from the MIDI Keyboard. Very often it’s M-Audio. And very often we end up with the statement, the sliders are so cheap, they are sending data just when playing the keyboard (by moving the device itself).

Interesting. I do have an old M Audio Axiom controller connected. Plus some other cheap MIDI controllers too, and a couple not so cheap. At some point, I’ll try to narrow down the problem and report back. I appreciate your help. Thank you.


I wouldn’t be surprised, if M-Audio Axiom would be the one.

My trusty old Axiom not so trusty.