Halion Sonic drum loops in Cubase: error


I’ve been using Halio Sonic 2 to create some beats in Cubase.

I created some different patterns for a beat (Ambient Combi 01-72) with B-Box in Halion Sonic 2and I copied the patterns into a VST instrument track in Cubase. I exported my project to a WAV audio file from Cubase and it worked well.

However, When I open again the Cubase project the VST instrument tracks made with Halion sonic 2 do not sound well. Some of the sequence steps sound sometimes and other times they do not sound (¿?). hen I did the project for the first time all the sequence steps of the beat sounded correctly but not now.

I am using Cubase elements 8 and Halion Sonic 2. I did install the latest patch for Cubase elements (8.0.40).

Could anyone help?