Halion Sonic - Early Alternative to Komplete

recently missing out on the 50% off Native Instruments Komplete.

realistically, is the Halion Sonic 2 library a smaller alternative to that of Komplete.

i’m particularly interested in the 'rea’l string patches and world/percussion samples.

I will look and see if there is a trial, just wanted a bit of user feedback and any working examples.

thanks in advance.

Halion Sonic is a completely different product than Komplete. Its real-world instrument emulation doesn’t even come close to what Komplete offers and its synthesizers are no match for Absynth, Massive, FM8 and Reaktor in depth and sonic palette. Not to mention that HS has no sampling capability.

Where HS shines is in the ease of use and extreme user-friendliness. Individually, its synth modules may not be as complex as the NI counterparts, but together they allow you to create some pretty nifty patches in relatively simple steps, unlike the aforementioned NI synths, which all require you to go through a steep learning curve before you can even begin to create a simple sound. Also, HS is a true multitimbral workstation, with super-easy channel assignment, unlike anything NI.

If you are particularly interested in strings and percussion, however, your best strategy probably would be to buy Kontakt only and some dedicated libraries, which easily best the libraries that come with Komplete (good but not top-notch), as far as realism goes. In fact, you may not even have to buy Kontakt, because the best strings and percussion libraries can be used with the free Kontakt player.

I think something lke Goliath should do it for acoustic instruments Goliath - EastWest's Best Sampled Instrument Plugins.
There’s a 50% off right now, but I think it will end today.

cheers fro the reply guys.

was looking at HS2 for a quick sample library, think i’m gonna hold on and look at Komplete in the new year. and try a trial in the meanwhile.

thanks all