Halion Sonic Expiration

I’ve done a fair bit of searching and if there’s a post somewhere that answers this question it’s either not helped or I’ve not found it, sorry.

Upgraded from Cubase 5 to 6 recently. Was surprised to find we have no real version of Halion - only a trial…!?

So I did some googling and read that once the trial version of Halion Sonic expires it still works with less powerful functionality.

Well this didn’t happen - Halion Sonic expired and no longer works, period. I’m assuming this is some kind of mistake because how is Cubase 6 an upgrade from 5 if we no longer have a permanent version of Halion?? I’ve also tried to use the legacy Halion One but hours and hours of experimenting and googling and I’ve never been able to get it to work. No amount of stuffing about will let it find the sound library.

This was an expensive upgrade and has turned out to be a disaster as I use Halion EVERY DAY!! So this has already lost me some money and wasted client’s time. I can’t go back to Cubase 5 because it won’t open anything I’ve created since I upgraded to C6.

Last time I contacted my ‘Australian Cubase Support Representative’ it took 4 weeks to get a reply. I didn’t upgrade to C6 to go out of business. If someone here can help me it would really save what’s left of my arse.


Sorry should’ve added: I’m still on XP. I realise this is no longer officially supported - but I’ve tried C6 under Win 7 on 2 different PC’s with multiple fresh installs and I’ve not found it useable with large projects. If I have to leave XP then I probably have to leave Cubase.

HALion Sonic SE (16 bit) is included in Cubase as a trial and can be purchased at any time by downloading an authorization code.

HALion Sonic (24 bit) is a separate product.

This is patently ridiculous. W7, especially with x64 configurations, is significantly more stable and able to handle MUCH larger projects. The only thing I can imagine is the “2 PCs” or like pentiums with 2GB of RAM. The single disadvantage for W7 is the base amount of RAM used. However, I have several projects that peg my 12GB and stream from multiple HDs. I’ve had very few issues that weren’t silly x64 bridging issues. But, it’s well worth the increased RAM availability.