Halion Sonic factory CC settings hosed?

For some reason, when importing a midi file into Cubase, the default midi device, which is Halion Sonic, isn’t responding to the normal cc’s for volume, pan, reverb and chorus. I see there’s an option to reset cc’s to factory default asignments, but it doesn’t appear to do anything at all. So far, the only way I can get Halion Sonic to respond correctly is to manually “learn” them, which is bogus, because you’d need to do it for all 16 channels.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I do have the full Halion product as well and it’s working fine.

Also, is there anyway to make Cubase’s midi import to default to something different, perhaps an external GM rompler? I’m able to do this in Cakewalk, but I’d prefer to do it in Cubase as well.

Yes! I have the same problem. Halion Sonic will not read cc changes. Ive been using cubase from version 7-9.5 without ever having this problem. I have to go back to using 9.5 cause its so annoying and time consuming. is this a bug or a setting i have to change for it to work?