Halion Sonic Factory error on startup.

I keep getting upon start up of Cuebase 6.5.5—an error saying :License Error-no valid license found for:
Halion Sonic Factory Program Presets 01,02, 03, synth bass presets,dance synth presets,Granular synth presets, Organ Presets, Haliotron Presets, Beat Box Presets,Ethno Presets.

Then-when I open a song- I get another message in black-saying pretty much the same thing…

If I hit ok-it goes away–but it’s so obnoxious…I seem to have Halion in there and use it from time to time. The GUI says it is Halion Sonic. I assume this all comes with the package. I haven’t bought any additional Halion stuff. Please advise. I am using a Mac Mini-16 G ram, maverick.

I have screen shots if that would help?

You probably installed the full Halion Sonic 2 content but do not have a license for it.
All the content you name is Halion Sonic 2 content.
If you do not have a license for it, deinstall it, because you will not be able to use it and it will continue to nag you.

With cubase comes the Halion Sonic SE 2 version, which looks the same (and in fact is allmost the same) but with all editing features closed. It is in fact a “player” version just like the kontakt player and depending on the cubase version you have bought the content changes. (elements has only the basic content, artist has the artist and hybrid content, and the full cubase has a pro content added)
The full Halion Sonic (not SE) is 12 gigabytes of content which is completely different from the SE content.

If you want to acivate the demo license for the Full Halion Sonic content that comes with cubase, then just fill in the activation code in the E-licenser and download a temporary license.

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My problem on Mac is-how do I uninstall that? There is no Uninstall disc,etc.


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There is no plainly marked app named Halion. Could you please advise. I know it’s there because it opens—but I just can’t find it. Please help me here…

wait untill some mac owner reads the topic and they will probably point you without any problem.
I do not have a mac.

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