I downloaded the HALION SONIC factory program thinking it was as stated, a free download. After installing the program and opening Cubase 7 I now receive a message:

“Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing or trial licenses have expired…HALION Sonic Factory Program 02. Find out more on how to activate your license permanently or remove expired license.”

I followed the message to remove this item, but the message still shows on opening Cubase 7. Does any one have an idea on how to remove this message? Thanks in advance.

Delete the preset files?

N8, thanks for the advice. Can you be a bit more descriptive i.e., how do I delete the presets (where are they located on the Mac and which section)?

Don’t know about Mac, might be the Libraries folder. Might want to in/unin stall again to see if it gives the path.

My C 7 artist 64 start up with this vague missing ‘‘Reverence Post’’ message.
Im confused, My Neo Soul Keys Demo Removed, This lead to even more missing files error messages :frowning:
So I installed that again. I did the Elicenser patch, and tried to find the path as suggested here in this link https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/how-to-deal-with-license-error-messages … I didn’t find these folders at all.
Unfortunately the C7 pro trial was just expired, and the new (super :slight_smile: ) update for Halion just installed to make it mmm confusing. Not sure what the error message generate , and how to fix this .
Hope someone will help!


do you have more than one licenser ,have you got different licenses on different dongles , if so then some content will not show up and you will receive these messages

‘’’‘do you have more than one licenser?’’

Hey G-string TY for your reply! I You helped me and the iri message disappeared!
I received a second USB Dongle shipped with my Cubase 7 a Update.
From the moment I Upgraded I use this newer dongle. Thanks of you I checked the old Dongle
Indeed I forget a Nuendo trial, with 399 hours trial time to go. I moved the Nuendo trial licence
to the new Dongle and performed a maintenance / Synchronisation task in the ELC.
No startup error messages anymore!
Maybe a Reverence file was permitted thanks of a other Trial like cubase 7 pro and now that one is expired
this error messages popped up…
Something makes me think that this window will be back after 400 hours lol :blush:
Time enough to read a little more to see if there is further action needed . :smiley: , Im optimistic this time.
thanks again for your help !!!