Halion Sonic General MIDI question

Quick question, if I import a MIDI file I find on the internet into Cubase, the project will usually import the midi file and load Halion Sonic SE with GM patches preloaded to play the content. I then can dissolve the MIDI part and see all of the individual parts.

Question is, how do I get Cubase to default to loading Halion Sonic 2 or Halion 5 instead of the SE engine?



Aloha g and good question.

For years I have been try to do just that with no luck.
Perhaps someone has figured it by now and will let us know.

Good Luck!

yes please, I want to know this also…

I emailed support. They said there isn’t a way to change the Halion Sonic SE from opening.

What do others do for general midi multis with Halion Sonic 2? Just curious. Thanks.