Halion Sonic/Halion 5 Trip Synth Sync Problem


I have started a project in Cubase Elements 8.0.30 64bit on Win 7 Pro 64bit including Halion Sonic SE 2 with Trip as Synth and the “Dilation” Soundpatch. Pretty much all patches of Trip have an arp running. Unfortunately certain notes are swollowed when i bounce offline. When i bounce online all notes are played. In order to check this i imported the projekt to Cubase 8 Pro on a different machine also the 8.0.30. The same problem occurs there with Halion Sonic 2 fullversion and Halion 5. Interestingly its always the same notes that are cut off.

So i checked if i have the same problem with Trium. No i dont. All notes are still there after offline bounce or render in place

Whats wrong here? Doesn’t Trip use the same Modules in Halion 5 than Trium?