"HALion Sonic" Hope for "Holiday" special price?

Is there any hope for a holiday special to get permanent license for HALion Sonic from Steinberg Shop? :neutral_face: This is a great tool, and have become attached to it! Thanks Steinberg. Very hopeful here… :question:

Aloha t and +1

I would be interested :slight_smile:

Maybe if we get enough members to endorse, it might make a difference to Steinberg? Let’s keep it going for awhile! Thanks C & S for starting it off! :sunglasses:

Great idea!!

Lets see if true Steinberg customers can influence the powers that be!!

I would love to permanently activate my Halion Sonic but, being a home musician, it isn’t something that I afford :confused:

It is such a great tool and I think it would help Steinberg immensley to generate a customer “feel good” reaction for registered users!!


Yeah, brilliant idea! :bulb:
HALion Sonic and two beer from Steinberg for the New Year party :exclamation:

Upgrading is only €99,- even less at a dealer. Are you guys serious you want a special prize for that?

On Steinberg’s Shop site i saw $199.99 to activate the permanent license. Point us in the direction where it is cheaper? Might be able to swing it then. But, until then i agree with the guys and JB being on a tight budget and recording at home…you know…especially at this time of year! :sunglasses: Yes, i’ll take that special prize if Steinberg offers a discounted price on HALion Sonic to users of Cubase! Of course! :slight_smile: This is a great tool with loads of new and refreshing sounds!!! Oh yes…

The special deal last november for HALion Sonic was € 139.-, and since that was 30% off, the original price was indeed € 199.-. I took that deal, but I support any appeal for lower prices! :laughing:

Luck, Arjan

Oh, I see there is no update from HSSE, that’s a shame, I’d need a discount on the full product then :sunglasses:

You’re right, I’ve mixed up Halion Player with SE. Sorry :blush: