HALION SONIC Icon no licence

HI out there, I’ve been a user of Cubase pro 9.5 for a good few years now, I seem to have acquired a halion sonic icon on my desktop that has no licence???
can anyone shine a light on this subject
was it a free upgrade if so where is the licence code?
should I just delete it? what’s the point of having it if I cannot use it
did I have it for a set amount of time when I purchased 9.5
I really have no idea can any one help

Is it HALion Sonic or the SE version? SE comes with Cubase so it’s licensed. If it’s the full Sonic and you didn’t buy it, you should uninstall it, not just delete the icon from your desktop. Easy way to tell; just click it to open and see if it opens normally or if you get a popup saying it’s unlicensed.

Did you possibly install the standalone HALion Sonic SE?
Free HALion Sonic SE | Steinberg

Things don’t normally just magically appear without any user input. What was your last action before the icon appeared on your desktop?

Its definitely Halion sonic created last February on my computer,
when I try to open it , it says
Halion sonic is not yet permanently activated
you can use it for another 3 hours and 20 minutes
please activate the permanent licence in the elicencer control centre

Its Halion sonic 3