Halion Sonic import .hsb/wav files?

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Hoping you can help. I’m lost. Bought some DVDs from Ebay which have .hsb and .nki files, and a lot of wav files. I understand the .hsb files to be Cubase and the .nki to be Kontakt files. Only problem is I can’t figure out how to use the files in Halion Sonic. I’ve tried importing them. No dice. I’ve tried putting them alongside the other Halion Soundset .hsb files. Again no dice. I managed to get Kontakt to import the wav files and could play the individual sample from my MIDI keyboard but still can’t see, i.e. piccolo, cello, in Halion. Do I have to convert them into some other format in order for them to be seen? If so, how would I do this. Are they, in fact, compatible with Halion or have I wasted the few bob they cost me? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


HALion Sonic is not sampler. This is ROMpler. It means, you can´t use any sounds, which are not from the library.

HSB are files for the HALion sampler. NKI files are for the NI Kontakt (it means Native Kontakt Instruments).

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So, as I understand it, I would have to upgrade to HALion 4 in order to use the additional files?

Exactly. This is list of formats, you can use In HALion 4.

Thanks Martin

I see that I can upgrade from HALion Sonic for just a little over €100 on the Steinbert site. Tempting! :smiley:

Well at least I now know the difference between HALion and HALion Sonic and Kontakt and Kontakt Player. :laughing:

I very much appreciate your help with this. Thanks again.

In fact, HALion 4, and Kontakt is competitors. In my personal opinion, NI Kontakt is better. His internal library sounds better to me, and there is more developers, whose make his libraries for Kontakt only, or directly. Kontakt opens more file formats, than HALion can.

Kontakt Player is just player. It is not sampler (to be honest, Kontakt, same as HALion are not sampler in the true sense of the word, because it is not possible to record samples directly to this apps; but you can import samples). You can download Kontakt Player, from Native Instruments sites free. Then, you can use your sound library in the Kontakt Player too. But you have restriction in editing possibilities.

HALion Sonic is player only too, in fact. You can use just internal sound library, and some libraries from Steinberg, which are ready for the HALion Sonic (Dark Planet, for example).

Hm Martin…a ROMpler is something very different to the HALion Sonic in my opinion and Read Only Memory has nothing to do with a HALion Sonic?!? (My opinion)

The NKI- libraries are a supported format in the HALion 4.
Maybe you should use the HALion 4 a little bit more in order to learn how magnificent the options are.

For example in every HALion 4 is a small Motif Synthesizer Engine.


I said, HALion Sonic is ROMpler, in fact. It means, you can’t add your own samples.

HALion 4 is sampler and synth, OK.

This is obviously a point of discussion - having used both, I find myslef drawn to the HALion software once the samples are available - the NI interface is far from intuitive and user friendly. So while they undoubtedly have a large supplier base, that is for me the only attraction, as the tool itself is cumbersome.

Sure, a Lamborghini is also just a car… :wink: HS has an incredible sound engine and routing, with way more options for sound creation than any old “sample player”. :unamused:

Steps back sheepishly and lets the Big Boys deck it out. :laughing: