Halion Sonic included with Elements 7 vs Artist 7.5

Will somebody here kindly specify the differences between the versions of Halion Sonic that come shipped with Cubase Elements 7 vs. Cubase Artist 7.5? I’m currently trying out the online trial version of Elements but I’m unclear as to what particular advantages there would be in choosing the Artist version of Cubase as opposed to the Elements version. Thanks.


Thanks for the link dudius, but I’m looking for specifics between the version of Halion Sonic in Elements 7 and the version of Halion Sonic that is included with Artist 7.5.

You don’t get Halion Sonic at all in Elements. There’s a link to the comparison chart on the page dudius liked.

This link http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/line_up/cubase_elements_7.html describes how “Halion Sonic SE” (and not “Halion Sonic SE 2”) is included with Cubase Elements 7. Is this not true? Because what you’re implying is that Cubase Elements 7 comes with no vst instruments at all (which I find a little hard to except). I’m currently trying the online trial version of Elements 7 and it does have Halion Sonic SE, Prologue and a simplified version of Groove Agent. Again, I’d like to know specifically what the differences are between Halion Sonic SE (that comes with Cubase Elements 7) and Halion Sonic SE 2 (that comes with Cubase Artist 7.5). Thanks again.

I don’t think Steve was implying anything of the sort, Halion Sonic SE comes with Elements 7, Halion Sonic 2 comes with version 7.5 of Cubase full and Cubase Artist.

There are three Halion versions/levels. Halion Sonic SE, Halion Sonic 2 and the full blown Halion.
With Elements you get the stripped down Halion Sonic SE, the basic version.

On the left of the pic is Halion Sonic SE, right is Halion Sonic.

There is no Elements 7.5 only 7 so you’ll have the version of Halion Sonic SE that comes with Cubase 7.


I am and I use the damn thing… :mrgreen:
Halion Sonic.jpg

Thank you for your responses. My only complaint would be for Steinberg to elucidate the reasons why I would pay more money for this version or that version. I checked every web link I could find and found nothing really to clarify it all.