Halion Sonic LE from C7 upgrade to Sonic 2

I have Cubase 7 and Halion Sonic LE … can i just upgrade to Sonic 2 or must to buy full ?

You have to buy the full version. There is no upgrade path from HS LE.

But … if you have the HS Trial activation code license and the DVDs … you can buy it for 199 instead of 249 here:


You will have HS2 then.



yes i have trial codes … so i must to activate it to elicenser, and buy HS2 … and it will work?

Jip! Activate the trial on your elicenser.

Buy the HALion Sonic (Activation Code) for the 199 here:


And then you have a HS license for HS 1 + HS 2 (and you can download an upgrade installer from the shop for HS 2 from HS 1… you have to install the HS 1 version from your DVDs first!)

btw … I did it the same way. After that I bought the upgrade from HS 2 to Halion 5 … for just 99. But that is optional … but a great deal.

thanks mate, are you satisfied with the new HS2? is it worth to buy?

For my opinion: a big YES! Absolutly!