Halion sonic LE vs halion sonic

Hello folks,

Besides the differences in the libraries, is there some other difference between the 2 pieces of software?

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The 3 main differences are:

  1. HS SE is only a player, and besides the Quickcontrols there are no other editing options
  2. HS SE has no build-in REVerence
  3. The library is limited.

And before somebody asks: HS SE cannot be used standalone.



Cheers Chris that answers all my questions on this topic :smiley:

What exactly falls into the category “editing”?

Thinking about keboard splits and such, as HSE is multitimbral?

Out of interest i loaded one of the new Halion Sonic SE patches into Halion Sonic as I wanted to see which settings had been used for the oscillators. What happened was that Halion Sonic shut down the usual editing facilities and loaded up stripped down interface and a Halion Sonic SE graphic - in essence it appeared that on that channel it had become Halion Sonic SE…

Call me pedantic but I would really like to have had access to the full settings used in creating that SE patch on the more capable full Halion Sonic :wink:

From what i’ve seen so far i’m really liking Cubase 6 though… big up Steinberg… i’ve even had Cubase 5 AND Cubase 6 running simultaneously on the same project with no glitches!

Thanks Chris…

I’ll be getting the full version as soon as my copy of C6 will arrive… For what I understand there is also a full copy of halion sonic in the package and I can get just the activation code online… :slight_smile:


For what I understand there is also a full copy of halion sonic in the package and I can get just the activation code online

Yes, a Trail version is included, so you can test it for yourself 90 days



I really like Halion Sonic’s ‘Synth’ section… and this is the big thing that feels missing for me in Halion Sonic SE… I don’t like Prologue so was hoping Halion Sonic SE (like it’s bigger brother) could be a replacement… Halion Sonic SE does ‘seem’ to have a synth section (ie not samples at source) but it is extremely simplified with no choice of source osc waveforms other than choosing a preset that sounds similar to what you want and then editing it with the basic parameters.

Does anyone know what the upgrade price is from SE to the full version?


there is not an upgrade from Halion Sonic SE to Halion Sonic. Halion Sonic is an instrument on his own so to say. You can buy a permanent activation code for Halion Sonic in our online shop for € 199,-



again …
why not put different names on different plugins and even paint them a litlle more different to avoid the confusion ?
if you have to ask why you have no use for the answer …

Oh, I see my toe nails have grown out again! bye!

Can owners of Hypersonic 2 still get a discounted upgrade price for the full version of Halion Sonic?

You can go to the halion sonic shop page (the full product) and there is an option to upgrade from hypersonic to Halio sonic.

Thanks! :slight_smile: