Halion Sonic libary on Halion 4 issue

Hi there folks

I installed Cubase 6 and with it Halion Sonic on a 30 day trial a couple a months ago. I made something i was pretty happy with. I uninstalled halion sonic. When i open the project the MIDI is there but the plug in could not be found obviously. I thought that after i bought halion 4 that i could open the project, that halion 4 contained the same libary as halion SONIC. When i open the project now, I cant see what presets that were used on the project. Is there anyway to read out this information? Do i have to install the halion sonic again just to get a hold of this information?

Appreciate any help. I am currently using Cubase 7.

if you can yes reinstal HALion Sonic

As the trial period has ended I will have to buy it. The license on Halion 4 is not valid on Halion Sonic i presume.